Project 1:

"Badger of Honor"

A book about weird warfare and covers some of the strangest and sometimes successful strategies used during wartime to achieve victory.

To collaborate in this project you shall be given a topic area (particular war incident) to research and write about. You will also have three example texts to refer to for the style of writing. The book follows a casual and humorous writing style.

Active Authors: 1


Project 2:

"Around the world in 80 escapades"

The book is a collection of wacky travel experiences. 1500-2000 word submissions about your weird/amazing travel experience. Up to 5 submissions permitted.

Active Authors: 0



Project 3:

"The Crowds Ode"

Upto 50 lines of any form of poetry is acceptable. A maximum of 5 submissions per author.

Active Authors: 2


Project 4:

"Twist in the tale"

1500-2000 word submissions required for suspense thrillers. Up to 5 submissions permitted.

Active Authors: 0


Project 5:
1500-2000 word short stories concerning anything to do with fantasy fiction!
Unlimited submissions allowed.
Active Authors: 0

Collaborative Literature.

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